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Merry Christmas HKS


To all Hks members who  visit the website,  donations are always appreciated. It's unfair that only a few contribute to keep the game server running.  Any contribution that you can afford is appreciated.  As for the redirect and website please get in touch with me to contribute. We can discuss in TeamSpeak. Please go to this address to donate https://hks-hukkers.net/donate



HKS-SgtYork HKS-SgtYork


    We currently run a single public server which is running our custom mod with a selection of split side sniper style maps to play on.

    Our map rotation is changed frequently and is managed by HKS Sgt-York

    Our Custom Mod was based off of the "OpenWarfare" mod for COD4

    Our server Name: HKS Snipe ONLY!!!
    Our Server IPand Port:
    Current status:


    As our server is customized with mods and maps you will need to ensure you have the "Allow Downloads" Setting set to "Yes" in your COD4 Game. If you have this setting on you will automatically have any mods / maps for our server downloaded to your game as soon as you begin to connect to the server.

    If you prefer to do things manually, or are having problems with downloading in game you can get the files manually via our website redirect page at: http://download.hks-hukkers.net/usermaps where you can get individual files from the usermaps directory or download the whole map (folder with map files) via our Map Database

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    We promote our server as a family friendly place where people of all ages can come and play. As a result it is important that we all follow some simple rules to ensure a fair level of fun for everybody. The important ones are listed here and ALWAYS apply to game play as well as both voice communications and text chat:

    • cod4icon.pngts3icon.pngNo foul Language or Slander:  
      Please do not use any foul language on our server. We expect a high level of maturity from the adults in our server, and although younger ears these days are likely to know the foul words already, It should not be encouraged on our server.
    • cod4icon.pngts3icon.pngNo Discrimination or Racial Slurs:  
      We have members and guests from all over the world, People of different nationalities, Religion and race all play on our server, Please treat others with respect no matter where they are from, what they believe or what color their skin is.
    • cod4icon.pngNo Cheating or using Glitches: 
      CoD4 is an old game now, Unfortunately there are often some glitches in the maps we choose to play, Usually they are minor but if you find or know of a glitch in the game that could give you an unfair advantage, Do not use it, People found using glitches will be dealt with harshly. Similarly anybody who uses a cheat or hack will be banned without warning. Please ignore finding the "easy" kill and practice to use your own skill, good or bad, the satisfaction you will get from fair play will always be better than dominating whilst cheating.
    • cod4icon.pngDo NOT shoot your team mates: 
      Team killing is not used in our server, however as a sniping server we use split side maps, Simply put do NOT shoot anybody on your side of the map, it is very annoying to other players and will reveal yours and your team mates location to the enemy!
    • cod4icon.pngts3icon.pngNo Disruptive behavior: 
      Remember that everybody is there to have fun, Please do not randomly run around the map, constantly fire your weapon or crowd other players. If an HKS Member or Rcon asks you to stop doing something (ie: running round shooting) then please do it immediately!
    • cod4icon.pngts3icon.pngListen to the Rcons / Members: 
      The rules listed here are just a short list of the most important rules, There are many unwritten rules that might not be a big issue but generally cause a disruption in game play. If a HKS Member or Rcon asks you or tells you to not do something then please do it, Even if what you are doing is not a listed rule, The Member or Rcon telling you is good enough, Please follow their instructions, they will always be as reasonable as possible and will normally give you a chance. For Example, SPECTATE is for HKS Members ONLY! please come out of spectate and join a team when asked!

    The list above is meant as a rough guide of how to play in a family oriented server like ours, There are unwritten rules that may apply and the above is always subject to change without notice!. Please use some common sense and treat each other with RESPECT.

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