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  1. HKS_Warman

    Stopped by to say hello

    Thanks for stopping in!! War
  2. HKS_Warman

    Build 1903 Windows 10

    Thanks Bruce!
  3. HKS_Warman

    Salute to Veterans

    Amen to that!!
  4. HKS_Warman

    Memorial Day

    Happy Memorial Day! Thanks to all you veterans!! War
  5. HKS_Warman

    Hey guys

    Wow!! Good Luck! War
  6. HKS_Warman

    what a map

    Wow that was great!! 😀
  7. HKS_Warman

    cpu question

    www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819113496 www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819113428
  8. HKS_Warman

    cpu question

    No long editing or anything, just this game and cod 5 and normal stuff. ill post what Im looking at in a bit. AMD Ryzen 6 core 3.4 ghz and ryzen 8 core 3.0
  9. HKS_Warman

    cpu question

    Hey all, in your opinion, which would be faster, a 6 core ryzen that is 3.6ghz or an 8 core that is 3.0 ghz. Just wondering. Thanks, Scott
  10. HKS_Warman

    Help Me

  11. HKS_Warman


  12. HKS_Warman

    pc down

    Nope Im afraid Im sending it back, will wait until this one falls apart then do a new one later. Very frustrating day, but at least its still working and I didnt damage anything.
  13. HKS_Warman

    pc down

    Well, I reinstalled my old motherboard, dram light kept flashing so i went through my memory sticks, one of them must have been shorted, took them out, reinstalled them one at a time and everything came back on. So I still have old motherboard, im back to playing so Im done now. No more builds, next one will be prebuilt. LOL, shoot you all tomorrow.
  14. HKS_Warman

    pc down

    yeah looks like i may be buying a new pc
  15. HKS_Warman

    pc down

    well boys looks like im done for a while. Replaced mb and couldnt get a signal from graphics to my monitor. Put in old graphics card still no signal. Put old motherboard back in. No signal again. Have no idea whats wrong with it. will take any suggenstions. if you have any suggestions. thanks, im at a loss for what to do.Scott