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Happy New Year HKS


Merry Christmas HKS


Please, no Bickering in the game chat. If you have a problem with an HKS member Take it up privately through an email. If its with a non HKS member an Admin will take care of it. 



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  1. HKS_Warman

    As promised

  2. HKS_Warman

    Get to Know About me

    Hey Ryan welcome to the server. Looking forward to putting a few bullets your way. War
  3. HKS_Warman

    giving away cold weather

    Agreed, keep it! LOL
  4. HKS_Warman

    PC Help

    Very nice!!
  5. HKS_Warman

    so this is how I cope

    Nice! That a list of your favorite targets!
  6. HKS_Warman

    stepping away

    See you soon!
  7. HKS_Warman

    PC Help

    I dont know about how much you want to spend, or if you have access to Cyberpower pc website. But I was very happy with mine, and they shipped it very quickly.
  8. HKS_Warman

    Ireland NOT part of England

    LOL, funny!!
  9. HKS_Warman

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas!! Hope you all have a great day!
  10. HKS_Warman

    Christmas presents

    Love it! 😁
  11. HKS_Warman


    Nice!! Lucky I wasnt there 😁
  12. HKS_Warman

    A Big Thank You

    Glad to see you back in action and feeling better!
  13. HKS_Warman

    sounds screwed up

    Go to control panel, click on hardware and sound, device manager should be under devices and printers, click on the device manager, someone else can check me on this but drop down the one that says sound, video, and game controllers, right click on all that say audio and uninstall drivers. might have to restart pc after that. should automatically reinstall windows drivers. Hope that helps, Ill be on tonight.
  14. HKS_Warman

    sounds screwed up

    Not an expert myself, but the first thing I would do is roll back or undo what you did with avast. I would never use an outside program to update drivers. You should have an option to undo it. Or system restore to the day before you used avast for drivers. I would start with that. Hope it helps.