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Happy New Year HKS


Merry Christmas HKS


To all Hks members who  visit the website,  donations are always appreciated. It's unfair that only a few contribute to keep the game server running.  Any contribution that you can afford is appreciated.  As for the redirect and website please get in touch with me to contribute. We can discuss in TeamSpeak. Please go to this address to donate https://hks-hukkers.net/donate



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    Also to add onto this I am 17 years old and I live in the United States
  2. Sgt.Fish

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    Hello, My Name Is Ryan I Enjoy Playing Call of Duty Games I have 2 Sisters and 2 Yorkie Dogs, My dad is a stay home dad while my mom is a nurse who works. I am PST for the timezone I enjoy playing video games when I am free. I do Online school as well. And I enjoy Meeting new players! Come and Say Hi To Me I don't bite back