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  1. HKS_Menace

    Stopped by to say hello

    Thanks for the post and welcome.
  2. HKS_Menace

    Salute to Veterans

    I will second that!
  3. HKS_Menace


    Bet you aren't wearing those shorts now Daddyo!
  4. HKS_Menace

    Memorial Day

    Thanks to my fellow vet's. Hey shouldn't that be a Navy flag?
  5. HKS_Menace

    Hey guys

    Stay high and dry and teach them how to spell STOP.
  6. HKS_Menace

    what a map

    Nice try!
  7. HKS_Menace

    Help Me

    Will the barbarity never stop?
  8. HKS_Menace

    Mother Nature Hits Again

    What have you been feeding that poor dog?
  9. HKS_Menace

    Rubiks cube

    Ya, I taught him well.
  10. HKS_Menace

    Return of HKS-IceGhost

    Sad news very sorry to hear it. Welcome back.
  11. HKS_Menace

    Getting hot at work

    When do you expect a visit from the Arson Squad?
  12. HKS_Menace

    Plane crash

    That is kind of a spooky thing to think about, glad your daughter didn't get involved.
  13. HKS_Menace

    Birthday boy

    Happy Birthday Foss.
  14. HKS_Menace

    About ReaperSrt

    Welcome and have some fun.