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Happy New Year HKS


Merry Christmas HKS


Please, no Bickering in the game chat. If you have a problem with an HKS member Take it up privately through an email. If its with a non HKS member an Admin will take care of it. 



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  1. HKS_Menace

    so this is how I cope

    So is that a picture of Bruce or Scott? I can't tell!
  2. HKS_Menace

    PC Help

    Alienware is a high end brand that are expensive to purchase new, but I would agree with Daddyo. I would avoid a used P C and try to find a new one or find a 10 year old to build one for me to my spec's.
  3. HKS_Menace

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  4. HKS_Menace

    Christmas presents

    Where can the rest of us get one!
  5. HKS_Menace

    A Big Thank You

    Hope you enjoy it. Oh, Bruce said he wants the basket!
  6. HKS_Menace


    Welcome to the club.