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Happy New Year HKS


Merry Christmas HKS


To all Hks members who  visit the website,  donations are always appreciated. It's unfair that only a few contribute to keep the game server running.  Any contribution that you can afford is appreciated.  As for the redirect and website please get in touch with me to contribute. We can discuss in TeamSpeak. Please go to this address to donate https://hks-hukkers.net/donate



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  1. HKS Blood Sucker

    what timing

  2. have a great birthday

  3. HKS Blood Sucker


    Well Gents, time for me to look at new monitor, suggestion for minimum spec would be great. Thanks in advance for suggestions
  4. HKS Blood Sucker

    New PC - Multi Player Help

    Evening, Morning, Good Day Got me self new PC, loaded COD and patches up to 1.7, single player ok, try playing a multi player maps and get this error code_post_gfx_mp.ff is different from the sever Suggestions ?
  5. HKS Blood Sucker

    Get to Know About me

    welcome Sgt.Fish, good crew here, I'm the Irish git, enjoy
  6. HKS Blood Sucker

    PC Help

    So settled on my new baby i7 11700K 3.6 * Core - 16 threads - 16mb cache Asus proart B660 Creator D4 32Gb DDR4 850w PSU BR Black - I know alot of power M.2 1 TB SSD Asus Nvidia GTX 970 (free, son upgrading) Win 11 Pro
  7. HKS Blood Sucker

    PC Help

    thanks guys hope to have PC by weeks end. will let ye know spec when I can
  8. HKS Blood Sucker

    PC Help

    cheers for advice, will let ye know how it goes
  9. HKS Blood Sucker

    PC Help

    Guys what ya think, remember I know feck all about hardware. I'm using Win 7 - I7 3700 with GTX 1050 Ti video - 16 ram Looking at https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1671305903246282/?hoisted=false&ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3Ae08ce508-506b-4528-9ac4-8a516146be63 time is short - thanks in advance for help
  10. HKS Blood Sucker

    Ireland NOT part of England

    Had to share this one - view full screen - enjoy WhatsApp_Video_2022-12-30_at_15_40_02.mp4
  11. HKS Blood Sucker

    steam Help

    Hi All Sorted at last, seems someone hacked my account and added more games, Happy days. Thanks for all the help
  12. HKS Blood Sucker

    steam Help

    Hi Guys. Lost my old email (that created steam account) and steam password is not working. Have contacted Steam, but cannot get receipt for game to prove who I am. SO is there anywhere on my pc I can get steam info to help me reactivate my steam account. Thanks in advance for any help
  13. HKS Blood Sucker


    Ex Irish military, retired after 43 yrs plus service. Playing COD for years, splitmaps my fav mod. Love Photography, DIY, travel, gardening and life in general