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Happy New Year HKS


Merry Christmas HKS


To all Hks members who  visit the website,  donations are always appreciated. It's unfair that only a few contribute to keep the game server running.  Any contribution that you can afford is appreciated.  As for the redirect and website please get in touch with me to contribute. We can discuss in TeamSpeak. Please go to this address to donate https://hks-hukkers.net/donate



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  1. CptOdis

    Wonder What Happen to him

    Seen him in other servers recently
  2. CptOdis


    Nice to meet you
  3. CptOdis

    Get to Know About me

    Welcome back Thor
  4. i’ll take it since it’s colder here
  5. CptOdis

    so this is how I cope

    nice to know you're thinking about us outside of shooting our heads
  6. CptOdis

    Ireland NOT part of England

  7. CptOdis

    steam Help

    I've had this problem before, a receipt of any game would be very important but since you don't have it I'd suggest providing any possible steam account login names and all associated email addresses. Maybe we could try getting in contact with your old email provider first?
  8. Hope everyone has a great day and make sure to spend time with family 👍
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    A Big Thank You

  11. CptOdis


    Welcome. You're a good sniper. -odis