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Please, no Bickering in the game chat. If you have a problem with an HKS member Take it up privately through an email. If its with a non HKS member an Admin will take care of it. 



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  1. HKS-ReaperSRT

    sounds screwed up

    ok and where do i go to delete them
  2. HKS-ReaperSRT

    sounds screwed up

    ok long story short...i used avast to update all my drivers on my computer. And i had alot to update. Now the only problem i have is my mic does not work. I have done everything i know what to do. I tried to find the realtek drivers with no luck to reinstall...so i been working on this for the last 2 hours.. i give up. I do not know anything about computers... so if any of you have ideas to help... remmeber i have not clue where to go etc. If i need to do a teamviewer then i will.. but i have no clue
  3. HKS-ReaperSRT

    when it rains it pours

    We took the homes tests which were positive and today we went to the hospital to get the test and officially positive again...3rd time for me... 4th for the wife...guess being home will allow me time to game this week
  4. HKS-ReaperSRT

    when it rains it pours

    we decided to get tested tonight and both wife and i are positive with covid again....which explains why i was sick. So much fun.....sigh