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  1. HKS-ReaperSRT

    my poor headset

    she seems to leave my wifes stuff and only destroys mine
  2. HKS-ReaperSRT

    my poor headset

    like i said my dog was bored and my headset must have looked tasty. Being laid off from work it might be sometime before i get a headset. thought i would let you know. have a good day everyone
  3. HKS-ReaperSRT

    How big a moose is

    Fod those of you who never seen the size of a moose,here it is
  4. HKS-ReaperSRT

    Hey guys

    Hey all. Hope you are all doing fine. I have not been on as you may remember I was having issue with my computer. I recently had it looked at and changed a few things and was going to install cod but then this virus hit us hard here. We went from 121 infected to over 2000 in 2 days and sadly my wife is one of them. I am starting to show signs but my son is good so far. I think I what is more scary is our health issues. I have high blood pressure and my immune system has never been able to fight flus and colds like other people. And my wife has many and she us not doing good at all. She is listed as serious condition at the moment. Anyways thought I would fill you all in. I hope you all stay safe and healthy and if anything,thank you for everything. See you all soon.
  5. HKS-ReaperSRT

    Snowstorm in Newfoundland today

    here are a few pics my friend took.
  6. HKS-ReaperSRT

    graphic card advice

    Which is better. gtx 1050ti or a AMD Radeon RX 550 Graphics. I am looking at getting a newer computer but sadly this is my choice of video cards. Unless I keep my computer now but I need to upgrade my AMD fx(tm) 4300 quad core processor. I do not have any clue on this stuff as it is all Chinese to me when you all talk about it. I presently have a 1050ti in this computer I am using but a may buy a used computer that has the RX 550. is it even good? I need to either buy this or upgrade my computer but I am on a budget as well... so please keep that in mind. thank you
  7. HKS-ReaperSRT

    Call of duty problems

    I only tried it on the multiplayer. Afraid to try single player thank you Daddyo. not sure how to delet it and read it.. hopefully someone can help me out
  8. HKS-ReaperSRT

    Call of duty problems

    I been having problems with my computer and it seem to be associated with Cod 4. If I open any other game or webpage or anything I have no issues. When I try to open cod4,the computer takes forever to open up the game and everything on my computer is so slow that it takes almost 10 min to open a page. And it seem to only do it with cod4.So I am not too sure what to do now.
  9. HKS-ReaperSRT

    Hey guys

    How are you all doing. We been going crazy here. We moved to our new place in the middle of March then had deal with a ice storm which knocked out power for 4 days. Then it went really warm and had to deal with flooding in Montreal and all around. Where we moved to we are surrounded by flooding. All roads are flooded to my place except for 1 road. Pain in the ass but I should be back as soon as water goes down.its been flooded for 2 weeks now and it is showing signs of receding. Thought I would let you all know. Here are some pics of the flooding here.
  10. HKS-ReaperSRT

    About ReaperSrt

    I am a huge Dodge fan and love the Srt8 models.So I used SRT at the end of my name but forgot to put the 8 lol.
  11. HKS-ReaperSRT

    About ReaperSrt

    Well I would like to fill you all in on a little about me. I am 43 and live in Montreal Canada. I been gaming since 2001 and was playing Halo PC. After getting tired of the typical clan drama crap I decided to start my own clan well much like HKS. just a group who get together to have fun. I under my clan I had a COD 4 and 5 server as well but no one played in them so I took them down. Some of my members are not even interested in playing other games. they all said once Halo PC is officially dead then they are done gaming. So I decided to venture off in COD5.At first I was just going to play solo. Then I found you guys and it has been a blast. I love the atmosphere and the friendliest of your members. Therefore I decided to put in an application with HKS.This is a place I can see my self have fun and no worries of drama. Off gaming I am 43 years old and married(not officially yet but soon) and have 2 kids. Daughter who is 17 and son who is 16.As you saw on my pic I have 2 malamute dogs. My wife has a little dog/ankle biter rat. I use to play semi pro ball hockey and been to the nationals for gold medal games against teams across Canada. Retired last year actually. I work in landscaping and do snow removal with a tractor in the winter. I am a huge fan of Nascar and Hockey and my fav team is the Pittsburgh Penguins and Jimmie Johnson is my driver. I go golfing although I suck at it. Not sure if it is me of the beer .One day I'll figure it out.My free time I come on here to get away from things in my life. Sadly a year ago I lost my grandfather,my grandmother..... and a few months later just a week apart lost my other grandmother and mother. So gaming helps me get away from the bad things in life which is why I enjoy being on TeamSpeak. Now back the the games I play.... Cod4...Cod5...Arma 3...halopc....world of waships and Farm simulator 2017.As of late it is only cod 4 and 5 and farm simulator 2017.I play for the fun of gaming. I never cheated and never will.I could care less if I get owned or I win. It is all about the fun....plus gets me away from the wife :) :) .... hehehe if any of you have any questions please feel free to ask away. have a good day all