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  1. HKS-Daddyo

    Stopped by to say hello

    Welcome Brian One request from me Keep killing War and we will get on fine
  2. HKS-Daddyo

    Build 1903 Windows 10

    Below is a link to watch a video on all the new features in the new Windows 10 Build 1903 Not everyone's cup of tea and it is around 15 minutes long but I found it very helpful You can zoom the boring parts which do not interest you Some very good changes in there
  3. HKS-Daddyo


    No still wearing shorts mind you got a singlet on for the very first time in Aussie Dennis 😤
  4. HKS-Daddyo


    Ow that hurt Ed 👺🤬
  5. HKS-Daddyo

    Hey guys

    Good to hear from you again My advice is buy or steal a boat
  6. HKS-Daddyo

    what a map

    Yea right 🤪
  7. HKS-Daddyo

    what a map

  8. HKS-Daddyo


  9. HKS-Daddyo

    pc down

    OK so not going to use new board At least you now have as a backup or for your new comp when ever
  10. HKS-Daddyo

    pc down

    Would love to help but too far away to ring and talk it over Maybe someone closer will ring Daddyo
  11. HKS-Daddyo

    Mother Nature Hits Again

    Wow do you guys not clean up when you leave the beach
  12. HKS-Daddyo

    Mother Nature Hits Again

    Way to cold for me by the looks of that This is my local beach 2 miles away and most days is like this even in winter
  13. HKS-Daddyo

    Windows 8

    This person should have made millions with this idea
  14. HKS-Daddyo

    Return of HKS-IceGhost

    Hey Mate Long time Sorry about your Dad my condolences Matt 😔 Hope to see you soon
  15. HKS-Daddyo

    Getting hot at work

    Yea how long did the 100 mile round trip take and where were you between the hours of Bla Bla 😎 But yea big fire Wow