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  1. HKS-Special Ed

    Stopped by to say hello

    Great meeting you Brian. As you could probably tell, we're a friendly bunch of older farts (notice I did not say "Old Farts". We're only old in body, not mind 😋). Come by here anytime.
  2. HKS-Special Ed

    Salute to Veterans

    We all owe so much to these individuals. God Bless them all. https://www.militarytimes.com/military-honor/salute-veterans/2019/06/05/chasing-demons-75-years-on-d-day-haunts-drives-its-vets/?utm_source=clavis
  3. HKS-Special Ed


    Must be from Daddyo's cold heart.... 🙊 😁
  4. HKS-Special Ed

    what a map

    He'll claim that he was out getting his Ginger Ale... Sure...
  5. HKS-Special Ed

    Return of HKS-IceGhost

    How about... Bruce Pledge.mp3
  6. HKS-Special Ed

    never going on these trains

    They all look like fun to me
  7. HKS-Special Ed

    Mother Nature Hits Again

    Started snowing yesterday and hasn't stopped yet. Here's the latest. I have power, but Dennis does not and there is no estimation on when it might come back.
  8. You need to see this. How does he do it so smoothly???
  9. HKS-Special Ed

    Rubiks cube

    The guy is nuts, right? Saw him when it aired.
  10. HKS-Special Ed

    Return of HKS-IceGhost

    Glad you are back Matt. Thinking of you and your family on the passing of your Dad. Best wishes.
  11. HKS-Special Ed

    Getting hot at work

    You call that "Slightly"??? OK Franky... what did you do???
  12. HKS-Special Ed

    About HKS - Special Ed

    Hi Everyone. My name is Ed and I have been an HKS member since 2016 (I think). I previously used the alias, "Col Kickbutt", however, after getting my butt kicked all the time I felt that I should change it. I grew up in southern California, joined the Army in July, 1969 and was sent to Vietnam, where I served as a Counter-Intelligence Agent for Military Intelligence (an oxymoron I know). After returning, worked the next 23 years as a Traffic Officer for the California Highway Patrol. I was disability retired in 1995 and worked various computer related businesses until deciding to completely retire in 2015. I'll be 70 years old in March 2019. I currently reside in Eugene, Oregon, enjoy music, especially singing and sniping with you-all almost daily.