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Big thank you to IceGhost, Maj.Tom,Extreme, Mr.Wicked, Warman, Fossil, Fire, Daddy'O, Sidetop and Menace for their most generous donations. 

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  1. HKS-Extreme

    Stopped by to say hello

    Hey speak for yourself Ed Hello Brian. haven't been on last week ......but War, Frankie and me are the youngsters 😉
  2. HKS-Extreme

    Memorial Day

    pic? of the navy flag
  3. HKS-Extreme

    Hey guys

    omg, good luck
  4. HKS-Extreme

    what a map

  5. HKS-Extreme

    what a map

    Dont you like it?.......Fire
  6. HKS-Extreme

    Help Me

  7. HKS-Extreme


    yup Wicked Daddyo i visited forum for 2 weeks with no new content, so ..... oh hi war 🙂
  8. HKS-Extreme

    Mother Nature Hits Again

    do we have to??
  9. HKS-Extreme

    Game Server Down

  10. HKS-Extreme

    Mother Nature Hits Again

    I love to be overhere:
  11. HKS-Extreme

    Card Magic - Unbelievable

    he kissed melissa (in some kind of strange way)...........wanna try that too
  12. HKS-Extreme

    Windows 8

    real reason; some programs could recognize it as win95 or 98