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Big thank you to IceGhost, Maj.Tom,Extreme, Mr.Wicked, Warman, Fossil, Fire, Daddy'O, Sidetop and Menace for their most generous donations. 

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  1. HKS-MrWicked


    Not much you feeling better I see!!
  2. HKS-MrWicked

    pc down

    Check your ram. Had an issue like that once. Sorry I posted this before reading all the comments. Hope you have a better day Today friend!
  3. HKS-MrWicked

    Mother Nature Hits Again

    Where do you live ED?
  4. HKS-MrWicked

    Return of HKS-IceGhost

    Welcome back. Sorry to here that your dad passed may he rip!!
  5. HKS-MrWicked

    Plane crash

    Glad everything turned out well for all!
  6. HKS-MrWicked

    7 years ago

    Wonder what ever happen to HKS-Kudda & $olo
  7. HKS-MrWicked

    Birthday boy

    Happy Birthday Fossil! Enjoy the week, Catch in the game.
  8. HKS-MrWicked

    Poor HKS-Fire

    Dig for it Bruce! 😜
  9. HKS-MrWicked

    About HKS-MrWicked

    Hi all I'm Mark, I'm 58, been playing Cod4 since it came out. Been with only a few teams, was with Florida Snipers until they broke up, With HKS once before and left on my on to play with 1stMSOB. Never fully stop playing here as a sniper, just gave up my tags and came back to HKS for the laid back game play and Honest sportsmanship. Was introduced to Cod2 by some friends at church. Been hooked ever since. My other hobbies include Photography, motorcycles, guns and anything outdoors. I'm a process operator in the Rolling mill for a Steel mill here in Texas, have been employed at the same plant for Forty years this July. My wife and I have 2 adult married children and 1 grandchild that's 6 months old. Were working on spoiling him every chance we get. I where those HKS tags with pride and I'm thankful for the many friends I made here and I'm looking forward to making new ones also.