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Happy New Year HKS


Merry Christmas HKS


To all Hks members who  visit the website,  donations are always appreciated. It's unfair that only a few contribute to keep the game server running.  Any contribution that you can afford is appreciated.  As for the redirect and website please get in touch with me to contribute. We can discuss in TeamSpeak. Please go to this address to donate https://hks-hukkers.net/donate



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  1. HKS-SgtYork

    Im sure this applies to some of the old folk here

    I want this one. Punt Gun.jpg_large
  2. HKS-SgtYork

    Fresno from 31000 ft

    A sharp pencil punched those holes. Can't fool us.
  3. HKS-SgtYork


    What's a Radio ?
  4. The Redirect and Teamspeak are down, this is Dedicated answer as to why.
  5. HKS-SgtYork

    Memorial Day

    Remember the the ones that gave the ultimate sacrifice
  6. HKS-SgtYork

    Anyone Remember BSC?

    Thanks for stopping bye, Remenber your name but thats been awhile ago. Just a couple of COD4 servers that are still active. We still get a nice crowd around 6:00 PM E.S.T. for a couple of hours. Stop by and snipe for awhile. Larry
  7. HKS-SgtYork

    Had to revisit this

  8. HKS-SgtYork


    Welcome back.😁
  9. HKS-SgtYork

    Punxsutawney Phil

    6 More weeks weeks Winter, and thats the gospel according to Phil
  10. HKS-SgtYork

    PC Help

    Nice, we thought he was good before watch out now. Were done for..
  11. HKS-SgtYork

    so this is how I cope

    You forgot yourself. Funny how you got Bruce and Colin mixed up. 🤔
  12. HKS-SgtYork

    PC Help

    Never buy a used PC., You don't know if it was abused or ever cleaned or updated the operating system. That particular one doesn't look like it has very good airflow either. Used means no warranty. If in doubt go with a prebuilt Descktop from HP, Lenova, Alienware Europe. Or even NZXT in Europe. You pick and chose the parts that you can afford https://nzxt.com/news/nzxt-prebuilt-pcs-available-now-in-europe. Sit down with someone who knows about computors to help you choose. Also stay away from Ebay and Facebook. and always pay with Paypal. They will help you out if you get screwed over.
  13. HKS-SgtYork

    steam Help

    If you use chrome go to settings top right 3 dots go to autofill then go to password manager. You should be able to find an email associated with Steam there or a username and password.. Also there is a search box
  14. HKS-SgtYork

    Merry Christmas