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Big thank you to all that has donated to HKS

Balance for Game server  $217.16

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Big thanks to Ed,Romain, Col, Fransico and Bruce for their latest donation..




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    Hi Everyone. My name is Ed and I have been an HKS member since 2016 (I think). I previously used the alias, "Col Kickbutt", however, after getting my butt kicked all the time I felt that I should change it. I grew up in southern California, joined the Army in July, 1969 and was sent to Vietnam, where I served as a Counter-Intelligence Agent for Military Intelligence (an oxymoron I know). After returning, worked the next 23 years as a Traffic Officer for the California Highway Patrol. I was disability retired in 1995 and worked various computer related businesses until deciding to completely retire in 2015. I'll be 70 years old in March 2019. I currently reside in Eugene, Oregon, enjoy music, especially singing and sniping with you-all almost daily.
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    Hi all I'm Mark, I'm 58, been playing Cod4 since it came out. Been with only a few teams, was with Florida Snipers until they broke up, With HKS once before and left on my on to play with 1stMSOB. Never fully stop playing here as a sniper, just gave up my tags and came back to HKS for the laid back game play and Honest sportsmanship. Was introduced to Cod2 by some friends at church. Been hooked ever since. My other hobbies include Photography, motorcycles, guns and anything outdoors. I'm a process operator in the Rolling mill for a Steel mill here in Texas, have been employed at the same plant for Forty years this July. My wife and I have 2 adult married children and 1 grandchild that's 6 months old. Were working on spoiling him every chance we get. I where those HKS tags with pride and I'm thankful for the many friends I made here and I'm looking forward to making new ones also.
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    Hi. My real name is Larry. Spent 6 years in the U.S. Air Force. Then got a job with UPS. Retired after 31 years at the ripe old age 0f 53. Been with HKS since 2010. Loved every minute of it. Hobbies include Photography and Wood working. Like to travel, especially to Williamsburg, VA and Disney World Florida. Been married going on 40 years. That's about it.
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    My name is Scott, my gaming name has been Warman as long as I can remember. Started sniping on Cod 1 and never stopped. Been sniping on HKS for many years now. I consider all of HKS family and am proud to be a part of HKS. I grew up in Illinois and work as a corn extraction operator. I run a process that takes corn oil out of the germ and get it ready for refining. I also am into martial arts and use to box. I have been married since 1995. My only other hobbies are fishing and gaming. I am a Christian and enjoy going to church. I am 50 years old.
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    Hi Everyone, So a little bit about myself, I've been in HKS since i was 16! that was back in September 2004. Since then I took control of the website, Worked on the game mod, Maintain / setup server for any big changes and taught the map management to SgtYork. I Live in London in the UK and am currently employed as a Home Delivery Driver for a grocery company for people that do their food shopping online with a previous history of Transport and distribution related jobs as well as previous IT Support roles. I have a passion for IT and have been building PC's and playing around with software for longer than i can remember (although i can only remember the last week so...) Always looking to play around with new stuff and get my hands dirty! I am Single with no kids, Love a good laugh and try not to take the world too seriously. Never been one for night clubs and will happily call myself a geek (just without the wide glasses!). My real name is Dean. I've had my username as Franky500 ever since i started playing games and joining websites on the internet in around 2000. A firm believer of once you have an identity, stick with it! The reason its franky500 is a simple one, The first games i played were Half Life and Counterstrike, my first attempt at a screen name was Frankensteins Monster (i was young, don't judge me!) Trying to register that in those days proved to be too long a name so Franky500 was suggested by a website and i just stuck with it!. My life and time zone has me in and out so sometimes may appear to be gone, but feel free to message me and i'll turn up! even if just for a day or so. See you all around, Happy Sniping
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    Ya, I taught him well.
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    hahahahaha - I figured it out! Go back in the warm house and wait till spring!
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    As most know COD4 is one of my favorite past times along with golf but not as much as I would like to Was a carpet installer for 45 years but thats in the past thank goodness Now I have fun fixing/building computers and sorting software hassles for friends plus gaming 63 years old and love mixing it with you Guys plus my Aussie mates
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    You need to see this. How does he do it so smoothly???
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    he kissed melissa (in some kind of strange way)...........wanna try that too
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    How did he do that?
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    The guy is nuts, right? Saw him when it aired.
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    seen him before, pretty good stuff.
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    were you born yet ? 😛
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    I knew it! I always had a suspicion that you were not American!
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    Hallo allemaal, Oops started in Dutch, what i meaned was Hi all. I'm Romain also know as Extreme. Why Extreme? Ingame you will find me in the most "extreme" places. No I started playing online in the early ninety's with a game called No One Lives Forever they called me an Extreme Camper because i always went to the impossible places to snipe from. No One Lives Forever also known as Nolf was a retro run and gun game. From there i went playing FEAR. to be exactly FEAR Combat (it was free and not as heavy as the whole game for my pc) From Fear the step to COD1, COD1 UO, COD2 and COD4 was easy made after the career in FEAR. In COD2 i met a sniperclan {ESC} wher i played a lot and when theystopped i switched over to COD4. Due that in played in COD2 i meeted a few players and joined the FSG-> Team. With this TAG i started playing in HKS server and after switching over to HKS i never leaved. Like the Eagles song Hotel California : You can check in anytime, but you can never leave..... Thats my gaming life, The Real life? Well I'm happily married..... she's happy and i'm married i Have two kids resp. 16 and almost 20. I'm a logistian for a laboratory, that means i pick up Bloodsamples, and other humanbody's samples from general practioners and take it to the labaratory. ( Assistances call me the vampire) . Also like to travel mostly Italy (nice warm and great food) and places where earthquakes happens 😉 No just kidding. So like a Vampire, i'm coming for your blood !
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    I assist you for just 1 dollar each 10 seconds , no just kidding need help? send us a pm
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    Have attached files to fix the problem when Steam updates COD4 to 1.8 Download the attached file and follow the instructions File_6412_-_fkliw3mp.rar Steam COD 4 fix.txt
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    Well I would like to fill you all in on a little about me. I am 43 and live in Montreal Canada. I been gaming since 2001 and was playing Halo PC. After getting tired of the typical clan drama crap I decided to start my own clan well much like HKS. just a group who get together to have fun. I under my clan I had a COD 4 and 5 server as well but no one played in them so I took them down. Some of my members are not even interested in playing other games. they all said once Halo PC is officially dead then they are done gaming. So I decided to venture off in COD5.At first I was just going to play solo. Then I found you guys and it has been a blast. I love the atmosphere and the friendliest of your members. Therefore I decided to put in an application with HKS.This is a place I can see my self have fun and no worries of drama. Off gaming I am 43 years old and married(not officially yet but soon) and have 2 kids. Daughter who is 17 and son who is 16.As you saw on my pic I have 2 malamute dogs. My wife has a little dog/ankle biter rat. I use to play semi pro ball hockey and been to the nationals for gold medal games against teams across Canada. Retired last year actually. I work in landscaping and do snow removal with a tractor in the winter. I am a huge fan of Nascar and Hockey and my fav team is the Pittsburgh Penguins and Jimmie Johnson is my driver. I go golfing although I suck at it. Not sure if it is me of the beer .One day I'll figure it out.My free time I come on here to get away from things in my life. Sadly a year ago I lost my grandfather,my grandmother..... and a few months later just a week apart lost my other grandmother and mother. So gaming helps me get away from the bad things in life which is why I enjoy being on TeamSpeak. Now back the the games I play.... Cod4...Cod5...Arma 3...halopc....world of waships and Farm simulator 2017.As of late it is only cod 4 and 5 and farm simulator 2017.I play for the fun of gaming. I never cheated and never will.I could care less if I get owned or I win. It is all about the fun....plus gets me away from the wife :) :) .... hehehe if any of you have any questions please feel free to ask away. have a good day all
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    I don't get how he did that - need to watch again - - - - - - - - - - Oh, now I see how